Rejuvenating Açaí Bowl


Rejuvenating Açaí Bowl

acai bowl

Try out this flavorful açaí bowl chock full of healthy protein, carbohydrate, fat and antioxidants to recover and refuel after a tough workout!

Serving Information


§1 frozen Açaí packet, unsweetened (I used Sambazon brand)
§Approximately ¼ cup Almond milk
§1 banana, sliced, divided
§½ cup plain Greek yogurt
§1 Kiwi, sliced
§1 tsp hemp seeds
§1 T Pumpkin seeds
§1/8 cup granola
§1 T coconut chips, unsweetened


1. In a blender combine açaí, almond milk, and half of the banana slices until smooth. You want a thick consistency so only add as much almond milk is needed to blend. You could also add the Greek yogurt at this step if you prefer, but I like to add it as a topping for contrasting flavors.
2. Pour açaí mix into serving bowl.
3. Top with Greek yogurt, kiwi, remaining sliced banana, seeds, granola and coconut chips. Feel free to be creative and experiment with different toppings – there’s really no wrong way to enjoy an açaí bowl!