Family Health in the Changing Fall Season

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Family Health in the Changing Fall Season

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Mary Ann O'Dell, MS, RDN

Fall is in the air. This welcome change in weather signals the start of school, football season and shorter days. With the change in season, fall allergies kick into high gear, and concern for colds, flu and other viruses also increases. To stay healthy, be proactive and start early to keep your immune system in top shape with these key steps.

Fight Allergies Naturally.

Fall allergies for some are the worst! Be ready with both herbal and homeopathic formulas that support the body and reduce allergy symptoms. Look for the ingredient Quercetin in allergy formulas, which may help reduce allergic and asthmatic reactions to pollens and airborne allergens. It has both anti-inflammatory and antihistamine activity in the body. Unlike over-the-counter antihistamine drug formulas, which block the action of histamine once it is released, quercetin can reduce the amount of allergy-symptom-causing histamine that is released in the body. Homeopathic remedies offer gentle yet effective relief from symptoms and can be used by the whole family. Look for remedies that best match the symptoms you are experiencing.

Cleanse Nasal Passages.

Using a neti pot with a saline wash, or natural saline spray, can help cleanse pollens and allergens from the nasal passages. This helps moisturize nasal passages, clear the sinuses, and reduce inflammation and congestion. Regular use can help keep sinus passages clear for freer breathing.

Calm Congestion and Sore Throat.

In the Fall, the change of seasons can bring both allergies and colds. To keep congestion in check, use aromatic herbs like oregano to keep the respiratory system clear, and expectorant herbs like osha for chest and cough. Reduce irritation and support throat and lungs with mucilaginous herbs, like slippery elm and mullein, which help soothe irritated membranes and make coughs more productive.

Mix in Mushrooms.

Medicinal mushrooms, such as reishi, shiitake and maitake, are rich in beta glucans which have the ability to enhance natural killer (NK) cell activity. NK cells are part of the immune system that promote deep immune health, fighting off viral-infected cells. These mushroom extracts can be used daily and are a great addition to any immunity arsenal.

Stock Up on Immune Support.

Don’t wait until you get sick, but stock up now on formulas to support and balance your immune system. Key herbs and nutrients include elderberry, oil of oregano, vitamin C, and zinc. Natural cough syrups, throat sprays and lozenges are also available to help ease symptoms associated with upper respiratory challenges.

For a smooth seasonal transition, keep some simple formulas on hand, both for adults and kids, to support the body when the weather and the seasons change.