Be the Host With the Most With These Healthy Entertaining Tips

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Be the Host With the Most With These Healthy Entertaining Tips

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Entertaining friends and family this summer? You’ll definitely be the host with the most by following these tips for healthy entertaining:

•For appetizers, serve mixed nuts, raw vegetables with hummus, mini bruschetta, crackers with nut-based spreads, or figs wrapped in vegan deli slices
•Put out a big pitcher of water infused with fresh fruit, cucumber slices, and herbs for a tasty and pretty way to encourage your guests to stay healthfully hydrated
•If you're grilling, include some veggie burgers, cauliflower steaks, and portobello mushroom caps; toss some sliced zucchini and eggplant on the grill too
•Use healthier substitutions in recipes, like plain yogurt instead  of cream, vegan mayo instead of traditional mayo, and silken tofu in place of cream cheese
•Include liberal amounts of spices and fresh and dried herbs in your creations to add loads of flavor without dishing up too much salt
•Toss up a big green salad and serve plenty of steamed veggies on the side of your main course to help your guests get their 5-a-day
•Finish with a fruit-based dessert like fresh berries with coconut whipped cream or grilled peaches and pineapple wedges with vanilla yogurt sauce
•For your digestif, brew up a soothing herbal tea as a healthier alternative to an alcoholic or sugary drink

By serving up nutritious and delicious dishes powdered by plants, you’ll show your guests that you wish them to eat well and be well too. Salud!