5 Keys to Unlock Your Energy Potential

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5 Keys to Unlock Your Energy Potential

Yoga and Walking for Energy
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Mary Ann O'Dell, MS, RDN

If you seem to feel tired all the time, you are not alone. As a society we are overstressed and under-rested. Fatigue can be caused by anything from stress, pollution, insomnia and poor diet, to hypoglycemia, anemia, low adrenal or low thyroid function. Here are some keys to fight fatigue and boost energy naturally:

Get Enough Quality Sleep

If you don’t sleep well, your energy level will be low. Good sleep refreshes the body and helps you feel more energized. Take time to wind down before bed, turning off all devices and TVs at least 30 minutes to an hour before bed. Make sure the bed and bedroom are comfortable - a cool, dark room supports better sleep. Take magnesium at night, as this mineral can help improve relaxation and rest.

Exercise to Energize 

Exercise is a critical part of a life full of energy. Exercise improves your heart function and circulation, and just helps you feel good! Even short bouts of exercise, 10-20 minutes at a time, can contribute to feeling more energized. So get outside and move…your body will thank you!

Stay Hydrated  

During the hot summer months, hydration remains a critical key to maintaining good energy levels. Be sure to drink enough clean fluids, like purified water or coconut water, to stay hydrated. If you are outside or sweat a lot, consider adding electrolytes. Electrolytes like sodium, magnesium, and potassium help to prevent dehydration, and help maintain pH balance and regulate muscle contraction in the body. 

Nourish Adrenals

When the body is under chronic stress, or there is an over-reliance on caffeine, the adrenals can get worn out! These little glands are critical to keep the body functioning well under stress and to keep energy levels up. B vitamins are essential for nerve function, adrenal support and for energy production in the body. Pantothenic acid provides specific support for adrenal gland function. And B12 plays an important role in energy production. 

Energize Naturally

The Brazilian herb, guarana, as well as green tea, are popular for their energizing properties, mainly related to natural caffeine content that can give a quick energy boost. These herbs work well with adaptogens like eleuthero and rhodiola, which have a balancing effect on the body, helping to boost adrenal function and endurance.

With these positive changes, you can help boost your body’s energy production, helping you to have more energy and endurance.